About Us

"DIJAMANT" is a private company for producing diamond tools by sintering process, which owner is Mr. Jovo Kujundžic.

The company started to work in 1988th year in a very modest premises and with even more modest equipment. In that period of time we were the first and only private company in this field of business in the former Yugoslavia and in the Balkans.

In accordance with these spatial conditions and equipment in the beginning we produced a much narrower range of simple tools, mainly used for processing the stone. Our ambition and vision, having regard to the development of the market, were substantially higher. Expansion of office space, procurement of modern equipment and expanding the range of our products we achieve thanks to:

- experience that lasted over 30 years in the production of diamond tools,
- the use of raw materials (diamond, metal powders, steel bodies) of the world's most famous producers,
- procurement of modern equipment for the production of diamond tools in our range,
- providing quality staff, management and production staff, and continuous improving their knowledge
- constant ensuring top quality of our products according to the contemporary recipes

Today, our business area is extended to 200 m2, with 7 full-time employees, with quality heating and air conditioned the whole space. Range of our product has been expanded in addition to all kinds of tools for the stone, on tools for asphalt, concrete, reinforced concrete, refractory material, electro, glass (crystal, flat and optical) and tools for honing.

Thanks to adequate equipment and excellent working conditions, quality raw materials and our thirty years of experience in the production of diamond tools, we offer our customers enviable quality tools.

Servicing diamond tools we do at out working place or at the location of a customer. Where we will do servicing depends on what you want and what kind of deal we make.


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